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1956, 98 minutes, Color
Directed by Fred McLeod Wilcox
Special Effects by A. Arnold Gillespie, Warren Newcombe, Irving G. Ries, Joshua Meador
Director of Photography:  George Folsey
Electronic Tonalities by Louis and Bebe Barron
Starring Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen, Warren Stevens, Jack Kelly
United Planets Cruiser C57D
37K, 640x266, JPEG
United Planets Cruiser C57D
40K, 640x266, JPEG
Astrogation control
Farman and Adams
44K, 640x266, JPEG
Astrogator Lt. Farman (seated, Jack Kelly)
and Commander J.J. Adams (Leslie Nielsen)
Prepare for DC!
46K, 640x266, JPEG
Bosun (left, George Wallace) and Lt. "Doc" Ostrow (right, Warren Stevens) listen to Adams' "DC" warning
DC stations
40K, 640x266, JPEG
Crew in DC stations.
20K, 640x266, JPEG
The ship arranges an eclipse...
The Chief
40K, 640x266, JPEG
Chief Quinn (Richard Anderson)
Altair IV
40K, 640x266, JPEG
Cruiser landing on Altair IV
Cruiser lands
41K, 640x266, JPEG
Cruiser lands
39K, 640x266, JPEG
40K, 640x266, JPEG
Bosun annouces that area is secure
Take a look at that sky!
43K, 640x266, JPEG
Bosun, Lt. Farman, Cmdr. Adams, and Doc
Their must be a madman driving!
43K, 640x266, JPEG
Something approaches the ship
Greetings gentlemen...
56K, 640x266, JPEG
Robby the Robot
Dr. Morbius' home
48K, 640x266, JPEG
Dr. Morbius' home
Dr. Edward Morbius
42K, 640x266, JPEG
Dr. Edward Morbius (Walter Pidgeon)
Alta and Farman
45K, 640x266, JPEG
Altaira Morbius (Anne Francis) and Farman
The colonists' fate
45K, 640x266, JPEG
Graves of the Bellerephon colonists
Night on Altair IV
35K, 640x266, JPEG
Crew's first night on Altair IV
Be careful with that!
42K, 640x266, JPEG
The tractor