T-62 Main Battle Tank
Gary's Combat Vehicle Reference Guide

Country of OriginCIS (formerly USSR)
RoleMain battle tank
Date Of Introduction1983
Crew4 (commander, gunner, loader, driver)
Combat Weight45.7 tons (41.5 mt)
Ground Pressure?
Length, Overall 30.61 ft (9.33 m)
Length, Hull 21.75 ft (6.63 m)
Width, Overall 11.55 ft (3.52 m)
Height, Without AA MG 7.87 ft (2.4 m)
Ground Clearance16.9 in (430 mm)
Engine620 hp (462 kw) diesel
Range280 miles (450 km).  404 miles (650 km) with external tanks
Road Speed28 mph (45 km/h)
Cross Country Speed?
Swim SpeedN/A
Fording Depth4.6 ft (1.4 m) unprepared.  18 ft (5.5 m) with snorkel
ArmorTurret front: 9 in (230 mm)
Applique ArmorBra armor on turret, +3.9 in (100 mm) is common. Track skirts
Explosive Reactive ArmorAvailable, replaces bra Armor
Active Protective SystemRussian Drozd will fit
NBC Protection SystemNuclear radiation only
Smoke EquipmentVehicle engine exhaust smoke system.  2 x 4 Smoke grenade launchers
Type Mount Typical Ammo Load
115mm 2A20/Sheksna smoothbore gun Turret; manual loading 35.
AT-10 anti-tank guided missiles.
SACLOS; infrared laser-beam rider
Gun-launched 5.
AT-10, AT-10 Improved
7.62mm PKT machine gun Coaxial to main gun 2,500
Fire Control SystemVolna
Main Gun StabilizationM1 Meteor, 2-plane
RangefinderKTD-2 laser
Infrared SearchlightL-4


The T-62 MBT was developed from earlier T-54/T-55s. However, the T-62 has a longer and wider hull, different spacing on the road wheels (a distinct gap is located between the third and fourth and fourth and fifth road wheels.), different turret shape, and a longer and fatter gun barrel with a fume extractor towards its muzzle.

The T-62 has an all-welded hull divided into three main compartments with the driver at the front, fighting compartment in the center, and the engine and transmission at the rear. The T-62 has a four-man crew consisting of the tank commander, driver, gunner and loader. The tank commander is seated on the left and the driver is seated in the front of the vehicle on the left side. The T-62 also has smoke-laying capabilities.

The turrets of older former Soviet Union tanks rotate much slower than those on US and NATO tanks. It takes more than 21 seconds for T-60-series tank turrets to rotate through a full 360°.

GTA 17-2-8: T-62
Recognition features: T-62


Optional sights and fire control systems include the Israeli El-Op Red Tiger and Matador FCS, Swedish NobelTech T-series sight, and German Atlas MOLF. The British Marconi Digital FCS, South African Tiger, and Belgian SABCA Titan offer upgraded function. One of the best is the Slovenian EFCS-3 integrated FCS.

A variety of thermal sights are available. They include the Russian Agava, French SAGEM-produced ALIS and Namut sight from Peleng. There are thermal sights available for installation which permit night launch of ATGMs.

Other improvements available include a hull bottom reinforced against mines, rubber track pads, and a thermal sleeve for the gun.

A number of T-62 tanks have been fitted with additional armor protection for the fuel tanks, above the road wheels, glacis plate, and each side of the 115mm gun halfway round the turret. The additional turret armor is fitted passively to the turret.

Some T-62 tanks were fitted with missile launchers on the rear of the turret for air defense, but it is not known if these were ever deployed operationally.

T-62 main armament modifications include:
The T-62 can be fitted with mine-clearing equipment like that fitted to the T-54/T-55.

T-62 variants with a V-46 T-72-type engine add -1 to their designation.
Original production model. Recognition features:
  • Fully tracked.
  • Five road wheels (greater spacing between third and fourth, and fourth and fifth road wheels) with no support rollers.
  • Dome-shaped turret over third road wheel.
  • Flat, low-silhouetted hull.
  • Bore evacuator 1/3 way from muzzle.
  • Curved front infantry handrail.
Added a 12.7-mm DShK machine gun to loader's cupola.
Variant with the Drozd Active Protective System (APS) vs Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA).
See data above. Added protection, fire control system (FCS), and anti-tank guided missile capability. The T-62M's 1K13 sight is both night sight and ATGM launcher sight; however, it cannot be used for both functions simultaneously.
T-62M with Bra Armor
Variant with Volna FCS but no missile launch capability.
Command variant. Includes additional internal communications and navigation systems.
Version with ERA in place of the bra armor. The ERA includes Kontakt ERA and Kontakt-5 2nd-Generation ERA.
T-62 (Egyptian)
Some of these T-62s are fitted with Sakr ground-to-ground smoke rocket launchers. British Royal Ordnance has provided substantial quantities of 115mm tank barrels to Egypt for replacement of the existing T-62 115-mm U-5TS guns.
TO-62 Flamethrower
The TO-62 flamethrower is in CIS service. The flame gun has an effective range of 100 meters and is mounted coaxially with the 115mm gun.
M1977 Armored Recovery Vehicle (ARV)
These ARVs are limited to towing operations and as far as it known, they are not fitted with winches or other specialized recovery equipment.