M106 Mortar Carrier
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FM 23-90: M106
  M106 M106A1 M106A2
Country of OriginUSA
RoleClose indirect fire support vehicle
Date Of Introduction ? ? ?
Crew 4 (squad leader, gunner, assistant gunner, and driver/ammunition bearer)
Combat Weight 12.85 tons (11.66 mt) 13.07 tons (11.86 mt) 13.44 tons (12.19 mt)
Ground Pressure 8.2 psi (0.58 kg/cm²) 8.3 psi (0.58 kg/cm²) 8.6 psi (0.60 kg/cm²)
Length, Overall 16.17 ft (4.93 m) 16.17 ft (4.93 m) 16.17 ft (4.93 m)
Width, Overall 9.42 ft (2.87 m) 9.42 ft (2.87 m) 8.81 ft (2.69 m)
Height, Overall 7.25 ft (2.21 m) 8.17 ft (2.49 m) 7.29 ft (2.22 m)
Ground Clearance 16 in (406 mm) 17.125 in (435 mm)
  M106 M106A1 M106A2
Engine 209 hp (156 kw) gasoline 212 hp (158 kw) diesel
Range 185 miles (298 km) 295 miles (475 km) 300 miles (483 km)
Fuel Capacity 85 gal (322 l) gasoline 95 gal (360 l) diesel
Road Speed 40 mph (64 km/h) 41.5 mph (67 km/h) 40 mph (64 km/h)
Cross Country Speed?
Swim Speed 3.5 mph (5.6 km/h) 3.6 mph (5.8 km/h)
Fording DepthAmphibious with minimal preparation
Side Slope30%
Trench Crossing5.5 ft (1.68 m)
Vertical Wall Climb2.0 ft (0.61 m)
 M106, M106A1, M106A2
Armor5083 Aluminum. Protection from small-arms fire (7.62mm and smaller) and fragmentation munitions
Applique ArmorAnti-mine armor on bottom of chassis
Explosive Reactive ArmorN/A
Active Protective SystemN/A
NBC Protection SystemN/A
Smoke EquipmentN/A
M106, M106A1, M106A2
Type Mount Typical Ammo Load
4.2-inch (107mm) M30 mortar Internal turntable mount; manual loading 88 (93 M106). 54 fuzes
.50 cal M2HB machine gun Commander's cupola; pintle-mounted; belt feed 600
 M106, M106A1, M106A2
Fire Control SystemN/A
Main Gun StabilizationN/A
Infrared SearchlightN/A


The M106 carrier is the M113 armored personnel carrier modified to carry the M30 4.2-inch (107mm) mortar on a specially designed turntable mount. It is an armored, full-tracked, self-propelled vehicle that can swim streams and small bodies of water. A .50 caliber machine gun is mounted on the cupola for the vehicle commander's use.

To fire the 4.2-inch mortar from the carrier, the top plating to the rear of the carrier has a mortar-hatch cover, which is hinged and folds to both sides. The carrier provides limited armor protection for the squad during maneuver. In combat, the mortar is fired with the ramp closed and locked. During firing exercises in training, the mortar may be fired with the ramp open for visual inspection by safety personnel.

The mortar and its components can be removed from the carrier for ground-mounted firing. The baseplate, bridge, and rotator assemblies of the ground mount are stowed outside the carrier. A minimum of four mortarmen is required to remove the mortar and standard assembly from the travel position.

Replaced by the M1064A3 120mm mortar carrier in U.S. service.


XM106 (T257E1)
Prototype M106.
Original production model. The M106 was converted to the M106A1, which was then converted to the M106A2. See data above.
Replaced the gasoline-powered engine with a diesel engine. See data above.
M106A2 (NSN 2350-01-069-6931)
"Carrier, Mortar, 107-mm, M30, Self-propelled, M106A2". See data above.

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FM 23-90: M106
FM 23-90: M106
FM 23-90: M106
Mortar vehicular mount
FM 23-90: M106
Positions for traversing the turntable

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1st Battalion, 61st Infantry Division.
Live fire exercise.
U.S. DoD Photo
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1st Battalion, 61st Infantry Division.
Live fire exercise.
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1st Battalion, 61st Infantry Division.
Live fire exercise.
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Field training exercise.
U.S. DoD Photo
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